Insurance Claim Investigation
The occurrence of motor vehicle accidents are on a constant rise. Our team at GTA Intelligence offers investigation services catering to motor vehicle accidents where we provide precise evidence with the help of our experienced team to our clients.
We as a team provide a wide range of services to our clients. Our investigative team will take all the evidence into account including – activity monitoring, surveillance, locating, priority investigations and OSINT searches, and more.

Corporate and Government Investigations
Potential frauds in the corporate and government sectors lead to enormous costs affecting organizations, big or small. If you suspect any fraud or other problems in your workplace, we work alongside your company to provide the best solution possible. In the occurrence of any fraud, companies bear huge liabilities towards their clients and other staff members. In order to overcome such situations, we provide the expert investigation and surveillance services that you require.
At GTA Intelligence, we work together with our clients and Investigators to create a relationship beyond your expectations. We strive to build a strong foundation where our clients can rely on us for both efficiency and accuracy in the corporate and government sector.

Domestic Investigations
Among all else, we work closely with domestic clients and their lawyers to collect the right evidence that caters to individual cases when it comes to divorce, child custody and etc. Allow GTA Intelligence the opportunity to support your case.

Call our expert private investigators to identify the defaulters of your company.