MississaugaGTA Intelligence is a reputed company that has been providing investigation and surveillance services in Mississauga from many years. Our professionals have expertise in matters related to domestic inspection, claim for motor vehicle, or corporate investigations. They can easily handle the complex issues and get results that matter.

Our services

Insurance Investigation: Our team employs experts have comprehensive knowledge related to motor vehicle insuarance and a proven track record of solving all the aspects of insurance liability. They will look into details and will verify all the documents for an insurance to be claimed.

Corporate & Govt Investigations: The aim of our professionals is to create a methodology by which risk can be minimise in businesses. It serves as a dynamic decision for all the corporate clients needs. We liason with the potential clients of the government to sustain faith in the its policies. We put in our experience and skills, to quickly to anlyse the vulnerability wihout hampering the future terme between the two parties.

Domestic Investigations: GTA Intelligence is your team for all the issues corresponding to family matters like child custody, divorce, etc. Our team of highly skilled experts will work closely with you, and focus in details on all the subject matters. We will customize your case as per the investigative needs that will help us in reaching a conclusion.

Why work with us?

  • We are licensed company
  • Belive in delievering high quality result
  • Full Discrepency
  • Customized solutions

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