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Licensed Private Investigators

We, at GTA Intelligence, have been providing investigation and surveillance services in The Greater Toronto Area & across Canada for a combined experience of over 17 years. We have an ample amount of work experience when it comes to domestic investigations; motor vehicle accident benefits claims, body injury, corporate investigations, and more.
Our trained private Investigators make the entire process smooth and easy, where we cater to all your investigative needs. With us, you get peace of mind at the best price guaranteed. Regardless of service, you can trust us that your expectations will be met and exceeded. At GTA Intelligence you don’t get one Investigator, but a team of Investigators who work professionally and cooperatively together to exceed your expectations.

Why GTA Intelligence?

Well, a lot of reasons, but most importantly because..

Quick & Professional

We assist our clients in obtaining the information they need to make an informed decision.

100% Confidentiality

Your information remains private at all times and is kept to the highest of confidentiality.

Personalized Solutions

We work diligently with you to develop a custom strategy that is unique to your situation.

Best-in-class Services

We offer world class service to clients for a wide range of investigative and legal matters.

What We Do

Sectors We Serve
Who Can Benefit From Our Services?

  • Insurance Solutions

    AB (Accident Benefits) Claims Investigation, BI (Bodily Injury) Claims Investigation, Litigation Investigation
  • Corporate Clients

    Undercover Investigation, Surveillance Services, Theft Investigation, Due Diligence, Security Services
  • Domestic Clients

    Child Custody, Witness Locate, Marriage Disputes, Family Issues, Spousal Investigation, Video Surveillance
  • Government Sectors

    Record Searches, Workers Compensation, Background Check, Address Verification, Bankruptcy Inquiries
  • Investigation Solutions

    Video Surveillance, Background Checks, Fraud Investigation, Complex Investigations, Case Analysis

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We'll go through every visible and hidden details of an investigation.