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Insurance fraud is actually the deliberate falsification of data given by the claimant so as to obtain a gain which is generally the insurance amount. Historically, insurance companies have been defrauded by individuals to get insurance amount. These days, insurance fraud is at an all time high and the only tool that is effective and quick in combating them is surveillance. At GTA Intelligence, our team of insurance investigators are ever ready to conduct discreet surveillance checks so as to help your company find out as what the claimant is actually up to.

Our Insurance Investigation Services Include:

  • Providing secret surveillance of the claimant in order to collect photographic, visual and videos evidences.
  • Finding new witnesses so as to discover the various hidden perspectives that may have surrounded the incident.
  • Conducting background checks on the claimant and witnesses so as to determine their character and history.

Insurance Fraud Can Be:


The embellishment of claims that are otherwise legitimate


Theft, arson, staged incidents with the fabrication of a claim

Based on non-disclosure

Hiding facts or misrepresenting them for a claim


Involving criminals to stage a large and complex false claim.

Types of Insurance Fraud Cases:

Workers Compensation Claims

During the investigation on cases that involve worker's compensation claims, our team will perform the much needed surveillance activities so as to investigate the truth and bring it on the surface. A complete report including our findings, evidences etc. is submitted to the hiring company along with a conclusion to help them understand the case better. Our experts, thus, help HR departments to discover the various fraudulent claims made by their workers.

Accident Investigations

For investigations that are related to auto and slip and fall accidents, our insurance investigator will collect the necessary witness statements and evidences so as to develop a much better understanding of the entire incident. Our investigation isn't just limited to the location of the accident. A thorough inquiry of the claimant is also made in order to determine whether the stated injuries actually exist or not.

Life Insurance Investigations

This is another challenging type of insurance fraud in which our investigators investigate suspicious claims that have occurred during the validity of the policy. As a part of the enquiry, our experts will obtain medical authorization so as to gather access to information about the deceased, his/her medical history which can be availed by hospitals, doctors, clinics, relatives, and even the spouse of the deceased.


Nobody wants to pay for insurance claims that are bogus and baseless. A fake multi-millin dollar settlement can deal a huge blow to an insurance company. To help you make an informed decision, expert surveillance services of GTA Intelligence can be really helpful. Our team of investigators have handled myriad of insurance fraud cases.

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