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After getting separated from your spouse and commencing towards the divorce proceedings, one does not really know as whom to trust anymore. This becomes serious if children are involved. Is your child getting abused physically? Is your ex-spouse living with some other significant person and still collecting the expensive alimony? These are some important concerns you might have while your divorce case progresses. In order to get the right answers for them, one needs facts and evidences. These can be easily compiled by a private investigator.

During the progress of your divorce proceedings, your main concern should be regarding the upbringing of your child. You need to make sure that your child remains in safe hands while you are busy fighting your divorce case. We, at GTA Intelligence, can provide you with the right amount of evidence at the right time so as to help you get a triumphant win in not just your divorce but your child custody case too.

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Getting through a divorce or a child custody case successfully depends largely upon concrete facts. If you think your spouse is capable of lying and deceiving the court, then for the protection of your child, it is highly advised that you hire a private investigator. We promise to be with you in the court through the entire process with evidence to back your claims.

Divorce Investigations Generally Include:

  1. Complete Background Check – A private investigator can do a complete background check on either your partner, his/her new ‘flame’ or both. The information you get through this surveillance can help you win the custody of your child. Your ex or his/her new partner may have a criminal past which is prbably unknown to you. Having crucial information like this before you meet your lawyer can make your case strong and much more organised.
  2. Accurate Asset Search – An asset search or asset check can help you if you think your spouse is hiding what he/she is worth of in order to minimize alimony or child support payments. If you strongly suspect that your ex-partner is deceiving the lawyers and the court, hire our private investigator for getting an accurate asset search to figure out any un-disclosed assets that you ex-spouse may be hiding to avoid hefty payments.
  3. Surveillance Services for Evidence – Ignorance to surveillance services for getting crucial evidence to support your case can prove attritional. Proving that your ex-spouse is a cheat, a gambler, a drug addict or an alcoholic without solid proof is next to impossible. Expert surveillance services, however, can get you images, video footages along with professional reports for your lawyer so that he/she can use them in the favour of your case.

Divorce cases are quite complex and without proper evidence, no lawyer can promise you a win in your case. We, at GTA Intelligence, have been working closely on divorce cases from a long time and have helped hundreds of people get a justified decision in their favour.

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