Corporate & Government

Potential frauds in corporate and government sectors lead to enormous costs to these organizations big and small. If you suspect any fraud or other problems in your workplace, we, GTA Intelligence, can offer assistance in exposing the culprit(s). In occurrence of any fraud, companies bear huge liabilities towards their clients and other staff members. In order to overcome such situation, expert investigation and surveillance services are required. Which is why, we are here in Timmins and Serving All Canada area to get you substantial proof helping you identify the convict.

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Corporate & Government Risks

With the enlargement of the economic landscape of Canada, more and more employees are joining the industries. Employees often try to take maximum advantages of their employers. Such things infringe the overall goodwill of the company in the market. Our team just has the right knowledge and expertise to guide and support your company with custom-tailored solutions.

We help you to know the truth sooner. Our private investigators can provide evidence of theft, harassment, conflicts, substance abuse, bribery and embezzlement. We aim to create a strong deterrent with our reliable investigative methods to help you prevent illicit acts by your staff, business associates or any other outsider.

Workplace Investigation

Workplace Investigation

Nowadays, workplace investigation is considered as an effective tool. It is meant to address the internal and external matters of the workplace including violation of company protocols, fraud, discrimination, workplace safety and many more. The primary objective of corporate and government workplace investigation is to help the organization in reaching a sound and accurate decision. Our investigators will investigate the case meticulously to identify the employees who are guilty of misconduct.

Surveillance of Key Personnel

An organization consists of employees and top executives deemed to be the greatest assets or liabilities of the organization. A small breach of integrity can wreak havoc on the reputation of the company. Our intelligence services will provide you the clarity about your employees, top executives and business associates. We endeavor to reveal all the facts and figures that are hampering your overall business structure.

GTA Intelligence Providing Reliable Intelligence Services

We, at GTA Intelligence, believe that accurately employed investigative services play a vital role in improving the company’s reputation and image. Our team aims to keep you ahead of your competition by eliminating all the elements that can breach the integrity of your company. Our intelligence services in Timmins and Serving All Canada area include:

  • Executive Services
  • Surveillance Services
  • Labor Dispute Support
  • Financial Investigations
  • Human Resource Support
  • Background Investigations
  • Intellectual Property Investigations
  • WSIB Investigations
  • And Many More
Corporate & Government

We, at GTA Intelligence, offer reliable and result oriented investigation services to corporate and government sectors. We ensure you get accurate evidences helping you take the right decision for your organization.

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