Child Custody Investigation Services

While navigating through the emotionally challenging time of separation and/or child custody issues, hiring an experienced private Investigator comes in handy. They help you clear out air about various hidden issues discretely. GTA Intelligence has worked on various cases involving individuals and families. We can promise you, that not just you but even your divorce attorney, will appreciate your proactive stance of hiring a private Investigator after we start working on mediation sessions or courtrooms.

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Common Child-Custody Violations

  • If one of the parents proves blatant and disregards the court's orders, the court awards the custody of the child to the non-offending parent either permanently or for a period of time until they change their behaviour and act according to the court.
  • In cases where either of the parents is involved in drinking or drugs, the court finds a way to make temporary or permanent custody orders so as to protect the child. Violation of such orders can be easily documented by a private investigator.
  • Uncooperative parents often deny the custody. They arrive late to pick-up or drop-off their child to school and other places. They even ignore recommendations made by therapists but otherwise, try to prove that they are better than their counterpart. These lapses can be bought out by a Investigator.

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  • Witness Interviews
  • Video Surveillance
  • Witness Location

Why Choose Private Investigators?

Sometimes people tend to become selfish and fight for custody so that they pay less or get more money for child support. In their personal tussle, the child gets battered by both sides. A child custody investigator intervenes here and tries to find an optimal solution that’s best for the child.

Private Insvestigation

Often, parents undergo a complete change after the divorce. In some cases, they forget about their children, drink regularly, indulge in drugs, bring children around convicts etc. Expert surveillance services however can be your tool to document the much needed facts to show in court.

Private Investigator

Many a times, unstable parents try to claim that they can’t work due to a disability or any other reason so that they can get the jury’s sympathy. These claims, sometimes, are greatly exaggerated or are just not true. Private investigators can help a lot to expose their true identity in court.

Private Detective

Child custody is a serious matter and therefore parents should go for every optimal solution so that their children get exactly what they deserve. Expert investigation and surveillance services by GTA Intelligence can be really helpful in that case. We, at GTA Intelligence, make sure that your child’s interests aren’t overlooked while the court takes its decision.

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