About Us

GTA Intelligence is a multi-faceted Canadian private investigation firm in the GTA region which specializes in domestic, corporate, government and legal investigations. Our firm's high standard of ethics and professionalism have been greatly recognized as well as appreciated by Canada’s leading insurance and law firms.

Why Choose Us?

Our clientele tends to choose us for our surveillance services as we are ever ready to expand our working horizons and go beyond our call of duty to ensure that the needs of our clients are met. We offer wide range of investigative services which are designed in such a way that they meet the needs of our clients. Given below are our some of our services:

  • Witness Interviews
  • Accident Analysis
  • Auto Theft Investigation
  • Corporate, Government
  • Death Claims
  • Insurance Investigation and Surveillance
  • Litigation Support & Criminal
  • Property Loss Investigation

Mission Statement

Our company’s main focus is to provide best-in-class professional, timely, accurate and most importantly confidential services to our clientele. Through dedication of our expert investigators and with the ongoing use of present technology, we, at GTA Intelligence, can efficiently deliver continuous and prompt information to assist all our clients in making decisions that are effective.

Our Major Services

Child Custody

Our child custody services emphasize on the safety and upbringing of your child. If you think your ex-spouse is unfit for taking care of your child on his/her own, then you need to prove that in court for which you’ll require solid evidence. Our company can be of great help in getting you that much needed proof.

Insurance Investigations

Insurance companies can get fooled by bogus claims if they fail to perform a background check on the claimant. Apart from the background check, we can also get you substantial proof regarding the entire incident with our much appreciated video, photography and other advanced surveillance techniques.

Legal Investigations

Law firms dealing with all sort of cases require some kind of proof so as to convince the court and jury to announce a verdict in their client’s favour. Our company has been working closely with a number of leading law firms in the GTA region. We can get you effective evidence in no time to help you in the case.

Divorce Investigations

With the advent of your divorce proceedings, you as a parent need to take care of your child’s present health and future interests on your own. We can definitely assist your case with proof if you think your child isn’t in safe hands, or if your spouse is hiding his/her assets to avoid hefty support payments.

Our company, GTA Investigations, has been providing effective investigative and surveillance services to leading law firms, insurance corporations and individuals from a long time. We have ample experience in this field and know our work inside-out.

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